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It has never been a better time to heat or cool any space with ease! Ultra efficient, high performance heat pumps can modernize your building while saving you money. Thousands of building owners have trusted BlocPower as their one stop shop for a cleaner, greener, more comfortable living environment. 

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Dependable. Affordable. Comfortable.

The modern heat pump is a technological wonder. 

In the summer, they remove heat and humidity contained in the air to the outside, performing the same job as an air conditioner but with up to 2 times the efficiency. In the winter, they pull heat inside while maintaining 3-5 times the efficiency of boiler based heating systems, performing expertly even in cold climates. Two jobs, one piece of time-tested technology. 

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All season comfort, room-by-room control.

We make it easy to upgrade to modern heating & cooling.

  • Precise temperature control across multiple rooms in your space, whether installing a mini split, ductless or ducted VRF heat pump system
  • Decreased energy bills by up to 40% compared to traditional HVAC systems using heating oil furnaces and inefficient air conditioners
  • Dramatically improved indoor air quality through heat pump filtration systems that deliver healthy, purified air

Our process removes the stress and hassle.

BlocPower does the heavy lifting. You reap the rewards.

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Complex incentives made easy

State, local and federal incentives are a maze, but they can save you a bundle on heat pumps. Let us handle the paperwork.

Trusted contractors & suppliers

Our project volume ensures you get the best technology at the lowest prices installed by expert technicians.  

$0 down, low payment lease

Our no money down lease offers low and predictable monthly payments, where energy savings can cover project costs.

15+ year guarantee

BlocPower can handle maintenance and guarantee heat pump system performance for 15+ years. One less thing to worry about. 

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From single family homes, to multifamily affordable co-ops, to houses of worship—we've done that job.

A selection of our completed heat pump system projects. 

Air Source Heat Pumps for Single Family Home

Single Family Home

Replaced uneven heating system with heat pump system. 

  • Climate controlled spaces with modern ductless mini-split units 
  • 15% annual heating cost savings
  • Leveraged local utility incentives and low interest state financing
heat pump system plus solar energy savings

Multifamily Co-Op

Heat pump system powered by rooftop solar array.

  • Resolved tenant complaints on drafty rooms and uneven heating
  • $100k project cost reduced to $6k after incentives
  • 25k watts of solar power
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Oil boiler conversion to air source heat pump system.

  • $8,500 annual savings with zero money down
  • 55% utility bill savings
  • 70% reduction of GHG emissions and improved indoor air quality

Customer Voices

“They are genuinely helpful specialists. They did us a great service, were talented, professional, resourceful, honest and very knowledgeable!” Tanya (Manhattan)
“Thank you to BlocPower for providing the technical assistance I needed to make our buildings energy efficient.” Matthieu (Flatbush)
“They provided excellent services. They were professional, organized, talented, and I wouldn't change a thing about the process.” Tim (Clinton Hill)

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